Motorola Discontinue Analogue Radios

Since 1933 analog two way radios have been in use for business and personal applications. Originally they were used in the US military but today they are used widepsread in many industries, and are now a favourite choice over the mobile phone for commercial, military and personal use. The PMR 446 is the best option for peronal use as these radios are license free.

The question about two way radios in recent times is whether the analog radio would be strong enough to cope with a digital rich world, a world where digital devices have grown in popularity over the years, over the past month the answer to that question has been answered and Motorola have discontinued all their analog systems and replaced them with their Mototrbo range of two way communications.

With your two way radio being critical for your business it is not hard to understand why Motorola feel the need to discontinue analog and replace with digital, the differences are significant in both sound quality and design, considering noise pollution these days while out and about on the road or in a commercial environment on a factory floor, todays professional radios need to cope with all the background noise but deliver quality sound to the user, Motorola’s Digital range offers industry leading audio in their new range of radios.

Motorola have been providing radios in the analog sector for many years, covering communications within the public sector, governments, retail, hospitality, transportation, military, filming as well as the unlicensed PMR 446 for small business and personal use, two way radios provide a system which is private and cost-effective when compared to a mobile phone system, with a two way radio the cost of the calls are free!

The advantages of digital radio technology speak for themselves. Greater calling capacity and enhanced voice quality throughout your coverage area make it easier to hear and understand conversations even in some of the most challenging environments such as seaports or large convention halls.

Common FAQs for Analog and Digital Systems

Why have Motorola Discontinued Analogue Radios?

Although analog radios get the job done, they have reached their limits when it comes to comparing them to their digital upgrades, which offer more capabilities and improve efficiency and performance. One of the biggest problems for two-way radio users is the increasing traffic and congestion of 25 kHz and 12.5 kHz. With an analog system there are many environmental factors which can make the signal unstable, digital radios are more efficient with battery life, error-correction, voice clarity and signal strength.

What radios replace the analog systems?

Motorola have introduced their new range of digital radios under MOTOTRBO, you can find this category on our website and view the new models. The DP/DM series and the new SL4000 which is an all round solid radio, featuring intelligent audio, integrated Bluetooth and covert mode. They also feature new digital ATEX versions such as the DP4400 and DP4801.

Will Voice Clarity Improve?

Digital radios, by contrast, incorporate a built-in-error-connection functionality that elimiates static to ensure voice calls are heard clearly .

Which Models have been discontinued?

GP Series: GP330, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP680
CM Series: CM140, CM160, CM340, CM360
GM Series: GM340, GM360, Databox

What are the benefits of digital radio vs analog?

Mototrbo professional series radios have set the performance standard for business communications, with the introduction of their new portables, digital audio has been taken to a whole new level, with digital radios offering a new smart feature with intelligent audio which adjusts the volume to fir the user’s environment. When an accessory is plugged in the radio and the accessory work together to enhance the overall audio experience. Digital radios recognise the accessory and loads and optimised audio profile to provide maximum audio performance.

To view the latest in digital technology radios by Motorola then please view our website or contact us for further details.

Radio Communications: Cycling Event Wiltshire

We have just completed yet another cycling event for Human Race, which was held in Wiltshire, UK. This cycling event took place in the lovely Lydiard Park on the 24th June featuring 40km and 75km routes. Close to Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Gloucester.

Cycletta is the UK’s leading series of women only bike rides set in stunning, family friendly host venues. Congratulations to everyone who took part in Cycletta Wiltshire on Sunday 24th June and who helped make the day such a success! Don’t forget there are plenty more events to choose from this year so don’t miss out on the action and enter Cycletta now.
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Royal Navy Field Gun

The Royal Navy’s field gun competition is a contest between teams from various Royal Navy commands, in which teams of sailors compete to transport a field gun and its equipment over and through a series of obstacles in the shortest time. The competition evolved during the first 6 years of the 20th century.
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Types Of Radio Communication

Radio communication has become an important part of our world today. Radio communication is used in broadcasting media, detecting objects within a certain distance, mobile phones, and emergency and public assistance. Although there are many other types of radio communication used in many different fields, these are the most important and relevant to daily life.

!!Broadcasting Media
If you’re like most people, you’ve listened to the radio at least one time in your life. Maybe you have a favorite radio station that plays your favorite music. Radio communication in this way is an outstanding tool to help keep people entertained while they drive, work, or play. Radio stations can also inform and educate the masses. There are political stations, exercise stations, and even commercial advertisements where you can buy goods or products. Radio communication in broadcast media keeps people informed, together, and entertained.
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Codan Envoy: The Smart Radio

The Codan Envoy smart radio series are the most intuitive, reliable and advanced radios we’ve ever built. Envoy’s clear and dependable High Frequency (HF) voice and data communications means you have the confi dence to communicate anywhere and anytime without the need for existing infrastructure.

A true software defined radio (SDR), Envoy delivers new capabilities to the radio through software upgrades so you’ll always have access to tomorrow’s features today. No matter what your communication scenario, Codan has you covered with Envoy’s scalable mobile and base station solutions — all in an affordable platform.

With Ethernet and USB connectivity, a large high-resolution colour display, and multi-language user interface — combined with legendary Codan performance, reliability and support — the Envoy smart radio is the new standard for HF communications.
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Seychelles Installs a New Secure Radio System for Anti-Piracy

For many years the Seychelles Police force have used mobile phones to speak to each other while patrolling the beautiful islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

Communication Specialists Ltd, experts in HF, VHF & UHF wireless communications systems, won a contract with United Nations to supply a new digital radio system to the Seychelles Police Force, which allowed the 4 main islands to be interconnected via a micro wave link between – Mahé, Praslin and La Dique, this project is funded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

The state of the art Motorola Turbonet Digital Radio Network was initially installed on the island of Mahe and the second phase is underway which will connect Praslin and La Dique.

Communication Specialists Ltd have completed many projects in the past for United Nations an example when they recently installed 210 Armoured Personel Carriers with Codan HF radios for peace keeping missions so naturally they were a wise choice for this crime busting secure radio system.
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Next Generation Public Safety Communications

Communication Specialists is a dedicated supplier of Radio Communication Systems manufactured by leading world-wide manufacturers who supply commercial, military and private Two way Radio Communication equipment manufactured for these specialist markets

Vertex Standard

When diasters strike or a crisis forms, these networks will deliver the needed insurance of uncompromising availability, along with the capacity, interoperability and security required to address new and emerging threats
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Motorola Communications

With such a wide range of products behind its reputable name, it is no wonder that most every business owner and private individuals has heard of, used or currently owns a Motorola Communications product. Known originally for dominance in the telecommunications industry with its telephones and radios, today it has products in a variety of sectors for use in numerous industries. In fact, not only can Motorola products be found in most homes, they can also be found in the healthcare, education, law enforcement and retail industries as well as in the government and military.

Motorola Communications Products for Companies
Begun in Chicago in 1928, Motorola has long maintained its reputation for excellence. Motorola Communications is split into two sub-groups, which are Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility, which is primarily used for telephone handsets and cable boxes. However, between the two parts of the company, almost any industry can find the electronic and telecommunication solutions that they need. For examples, schools can use two-way radios for teachers as well as wireless tablets for modern educational innovations that will also prepare children for using and understanding technology in the future. Industries, such as manufacturing and utilities, can use Motorola products to communicate with customers, increase productivity, decrease downtime, manage warehouse floor space and coordinate hundreds of pieces of information across multiple electronic devices and internet or intranet networks. These are just a few of the products that Motorola has for use across many industries.
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Test & Measurement Equipment

We offer a wide range of New, Used and Refurbished Test and Measurement equipment from manufacturers such as:

  • Acterna JDSU
  • Advantest
  • Agilent HP
  • Anritsu
  • Fluke
  • Keithley
  • LeCroy
  • Marconi ‘I’FR Aeroflex
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • Tektronix

Our calibration laboratory can provide certificates of calibration for many parameters from DC-18GHz. We offer calibration on equipment such as Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators and Frequency Counters. This ensures all the equipment we supply confirms to the manufacturers specification. All calibration can be carried out on site at customers facility.
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Etape Pennines Cycle Race: Marie Curie Care 2014

Communications Specialists preparing for the Etape Pennines Cycle Race. One of the UK’s Toughest Sportives


Date: 20th July 2014
Distance: 60 miles
Climbing: 1,600m
There are three entry types into Etape Pennines.

We are very excited to join the Etape Pennines cycle race once again in support of their communications. Being one of the UK’s premier cycling races it is a good event for our team. Set in the beautiful countryside of County Durham and located in a busy market town, Barnard Castle is the perfect setting for this year’s Marie Curie Cancer Care Etape Pennines.
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