Security Radio Hire

Tougher, more robust communication supports and protects your business community, reduces the risk of costly communications outages, and allows more efficient use of increasingly constrained resources. It gives your workers confidence to perform their duties more effectively, knowing that their communications will never run them into trouble.
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Intrinsically Safe Radios Motorola

Safety is a key element in any work place, and that is especially true in industries where explosive gases are used. Many manufacturing and special operations industries utilise two-ways radios to keep in communication with one another, but if these industries are ones where explosive gases are an issue, such as oil and gas companies, then it is essential that the radios that the companies use are intrinsically safe ones like those offered by Motorola.
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Motorola Field Radio

When it comes to communication, you want a product that offers you clear communication in a seamless, sturdy device. The Motorola two way radios that are used in field operations provide you with the perfect communications solution for virtually every atmosphere. Motorola two way radios are essentially handheld walkie-talkie devices that allow workers in field operations to quickly communication to one another. These devices offer an innovative solution to common communications problems in industries and do so in a manner that increases workplace productivity.
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UC Expo | Communications & Collaboration

The UC EXPO 2015 kicks off on the 21st April until the 22nd and we have decided to send one of our team to attend this Unified Communications and Collaboration event which is being held at the Olympia Hall in London.

The UC Expo is the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe, during the two days visitors will hear from over 90 specialists from the major established vendors to new start ups and their latest technologies will be showcased. The UC Expo event is all about helping organisations become better connected through communication and collaboration technology.
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Two Way Radio for Event Management

Whether you’re managing a concert, sporting event, wedding or food festival, the number one priority is always security and safety. Because event management should never be a solo enterprise, given the size of the venue and large crowds, you need an efficient communication system. You need, therefore, a two way radio. It will allow you to communicate with multiple individuals in different locations, handle problems you would otherwise not be aware of, call for help or back-up in dangerous situations and respond to emergencies.

What is a two way radio?
A two way radio is a wireless device that transmits and receives signals. It allows parties on the same radio frequency to communicate with each other. There are several types of two way radios available that vary in style, power and range of communication. For event management purposes, a high power radio with a range of at least eight miles might be best. Of course, it also depends on the event. A state fair may require a more powerful radio that an indoor wedding, since the former is likely to be in a much larger arena.
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Motorola Discontinue Analogue Radios

Browse our digital motorola radios which have superseded the analogue systems.

Since 1933 analog two way radios have been in use for business and personal applications. Originally they were used in the US military but today they are used widepsread in many industries, and are now a favourite choice over the mobile phone for commercial, military and personal use. The PMR 446 is the best option for personal use as these radios are license free.

The question about two way radios in recent times is whether the analog radio would be strong enough to cope with a digital rich world, a world where digital devices have grown in popularity over the years, over the past month the answer to that question has been answered and Motorola have discontinued all their analog systems and replaced them with their Mototrbo range of two way communications.
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Radio Communications: Cycling Event Wiltshire

We have just completed yet another cycling event for Human Race, which was held in Wiltshire, UK. This cycling event took place in the lovely Lydiard Park on the 24th June featuring 40km and 75km routes. Close to Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Gloucester.

Cycletta is the UK’s leading series of women only bike rides set in stunning, family friendly host venues. Congratulations to everyone who took part in Cycletta Wiltshire on Sunday 24th June and who helped make the day such a success! Don’t forget there are plenty more events to choose from this year so don’t miss out on the action and enter Cycletta now.
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Royal Navy Field Gun

The Royal Navy’s field gun competition is a contest between teams from various Royal Navy commands, in which teams of sailors compete to transport a field gun and its equipment over and through a series of obstacles in the shortest time. The competition evolved during the first 6 years of the 20th century.
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Types Of Radio Communication

Radio communication has become an important part of our world today. Radio communication is used in broadcasting media, detecting objects within a certain distance, mobile phones, and emergency and public assistance. Although there are many other types of radio communication used in many different fields, these are the most important and relevant to daily life.

!!Broadcasting Media
If you’re like most people, you’ve listened to the radio at least one time in your life. Maybe you have a favorite radio station that plays your favorite music. Radio communication in this way is an outstanding tool to help keep people entertained while they drive, work, or play. Radio stations can also inform and educate the masses. There are political stations, exercise stations, and even commercial advertisements where you can buy goods or products. Radio communication in broadcast media keeps people informed, together, and entertained.
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Codan Envoy: The Smart Radio

The Codan Envoy smart radio series are the most intuitive, reliable and advanced radios we’ve ever built. Envoy’s clear and dependable High Frequency (HF) voice and data communications means you have the confi dence to communicate anywhere and anytime without the need for existing infrastructure.

A true software defined radio (SDR), Envoy delivers new capabilities to the radio through software upgrades so you’ll always have access to tomorrow’s features today. No matter what your communication scenario, Codan has you covered with Envoy’s scalable mobile and base station solutions — all in an affordable platform.

With Ethernet and USB connectivity, a large high-resolution colour display, and multi-language user interface — combined with legendary Codan performance, reliability and support — the Envoy smart radio is the new standard for HF communications.
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